90 Days! Vacation.

 Vacation, a term used to denote a time away, a period of relaxation so as to recharge and refresh oneself to face the rigors of post-modern life. The root word is, vacate, to leave a place empty. It has been 90 days since the accident and this is the first time that Jane and I have been able to get away from Melrose. Not that I have anything against Melrose, it’s just that we had to get away. Away from the calls reminding me of my physical therapy appointments, away from the reminders of that fateful day, away from the host of issues that plague parish life.  It is good to be away, to see places we have not seen to experience something new. It’s not one of our most exciting adventures, since I am unable to do any outdoor cycling we have to restrict ourselves to walking about and driving to what we want to see, but at least we are together. In fact, if I am to be truly honest with myself, this should prove to be one of our most relaxing times away. I’m not overly stressed with planning to get in that early, sunup, bike ride. We can actually enjoy the evening out. I’ll have a few beers Janie will enjoy a glass of some fine upstate New York wine we may even take in a little evening stroll, well stroll as well as I’m able considering. We will have that rare chance to sleep in a bit without having to walk the dog and then have a leisurely breakfast before planning our day. So many folks came back from vacations claiming they need a vacation from their vacation. We are so busy and stressed that the idea of relaxation, true relaxation, is an anathema. 

 Trust me, after spending the past 90 days getting to the place where I can walk without assistance and get around without the need for heavy duty pain killers, this time is precious. I will enjoy myself, we will come back refreshed and ready to tackle whatever comes our way. My cycling will return. My life may never get back to those pre-accident days, but I will heal and get stronger. 

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