Brokenness and Healing

 Yesterday was day 53 since the accident and surgery, it was also the day that I went in to see the surgeon who performed the repair. It ended up being a long day as it included getting more x-rays, then visiting the doctor, then having a PT session later, but all in all a decent day. The fracture is healing and that can be seen on the x-ray, just a small area that has yet to fully fuse. The various rods and pins all seem to be in place and doing their respective jobs in keeping the hip in place and helping it to heal. The PT has me now doing more weight bearing exercises, that means basically shifting weight onto the injured leg and doing these movements to build up the hip muscles. Yes, it does make the hip sore, however, it is all part of the process. Healing brokenness requires some discomfort, whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual.  I’ve been giving some thought to the healing process, not only my own physical healing but also for my own spiritual and emotional healing. There’s not much I can do to speed up this process and all the prayers I shoot off each day for a quick resolution have not been answered, at least not in the way I would like them to be answered. Then again, I know that God is not a fairy godmother who grants us our every wish and desire, sometimes we need to travel into the valley and experience the darkness before we can fully appreciate the light. Quick fixes never give us the result we need, a quick return won’t help, myself or the people around me, especially my family. 

 As I look about I see how our own brokenness continues to hurt and divide rather than seek the healing we all need. Even I have a long road ahead not only the physical healing but also the emotional and psychological healing. Getting past my own anger at being hit in the first place and then taking that first ride out on the road, when the time comes. No quick fix but a determination not to let this incident define who I am and how I will live my life. 

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