Grandkids and Life.

  Some may wonder what life is all about. Cynical adults whose youthful dreams have been replaced by the daily drudgery of cubicle workplaces or shattered love lives can get so mired in the constant, what if’s. It’s no wonder that so many seek relief in ways that are, not only, physically shattering but also soul shattering. I could have easily just laid down several weeks ago and allowed my accident to define and shape my life. The physical therapy is hard, it hurts, it needs to be done daily, it is so much easier to lay on the couch, eat vast quantities of junk food and allow myself to sink in the quicksand of self pity.   Four years ago Teagan Christine Lomas burst onto the scene. A bundle of energy that has a mind of her own and a smile that lights up the world. Having grandkids is a joy that is hard to describe. They’re infectious energy and curiosity, they’re willingness to explore and push the boundaries, they’re deep, childlike trust in the world around them. Just thinking of them brings a smile to my face and sometimes a tear to my eyes. They are all truly a gift and one that keeps giving each and every day. When I get down thinking that I won’t get any better, when the exercises just plain hurt, and the hip feels cranky and sore, I just think about those kids and what they mean to me. If anything they deserve to have a grandfather who doesn’t give up even when faced with an insurmountable challenge. 

 In a week, my oldest one, Caitlin will be turning twelve, it seems like only yesterday that she was celebrating her fourth birthday. I cannot imagine what my life would be like without her and the same holds true for all of them. Caitlin, Travin and Teagan each in their own way have wormed their way into the depths of my heart. My hip, well, it will heal. I will be able to get back on my bicycle, I will be able to do the things I enjoy again but most of all I will be able to be here for those three. 

 Frederick Buechner, says, and I paraphrase, that a writer should write about what they are passionate about. It’s not so much about trying to write in a way to be successful or adored but writing to express those things that give meaning to life as we negotiate the twists and turns of this journey. I cannot say where my own writing will take me or if it will mean anything to anyone, but really, I’m not writing for everyone, I’m writing for three important people. If I can leave anything with them I hope it’s that willingness to try, to dream, to never give up hope even when all seems impossible. Maybe that is what life is all about, what we share, how we love and pass along to those who follow our well worn path. 

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