Day  27

 Well, I am now into day 27 since the accident. It has been a long haul getting to where I am today. The physical therapists have been great in getting me to trust my injured right leg more and even though it does ache, I’m not slacking in what I need to accomplish. Actually, today was a sort of milestone as I have now graduated to using a cane rather than one crutch. That is better because one crutch is a bit awkward plus the cane forces me to walk straighter and not lean so much.  Yet, even after 27 days there is a part of me that still cannot believe what has happened. I keep expecting to wake up from this nightmare fully restored but then the reality strikes and I realize that this is not a dream at all. It’s hard to go from being actively engaged to being sedentary for the most part and I have to admit I get a bit upset. Learning to accept the injury and taking the time and effort to heal is requiring my total attention, even to the most minor of details. Walking is not simply putting one foot in front of the other, walking becomes new again, learning how to go up and down stairs, watching for any imperfection on the sidewalks and in the house, so as not to trip. 

 I think that is where yesterday’s blog on the journey part 1 is coming from, that I am in a desolate place, looking for that green grove of trees, seeking the answers to my deepest questions. Who is that vision standing in front of my character? What does she represent and will she have the answers or just point deeper into the forest? All I can say is that this story like any other, will take on a life of its own. The people and places will determine where this journey will go, I am just a conduit through which this story flows, as I am a conduit in the life I lead. 

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