“Hope…is a gift.Like life, it’s is a gift from God,





It springs out of nothingness, completely free.
But to meet it, we have to descend into nothingness.

And there we meet hope most perfectly,

when we are stripped of our own confidence, 

our own strength, when we almost no longer exist.” 
Thomas Merton, The New Man
 This was posted today on face book by Weavings and I thought it appropriate as I am now into the second week since my accident. There have been several ups and downs, moments when I thought everything was going backwards and then suddenly gaining new strength. Hope, it is what many of us cling to as we negotiate the hills and valleys of life. They say, hope springs eternal, and in many ways that is true, while there is still life there is hope and even in the darkness that soon envelopes us all, hope continues to illumine that place. 

 I woke up early in that pre-dawn darkness today, a routine that has become normal since being laid up. I lay there looking at the face of my love, my wife, Jane. Hope, a slender thread that binds our two hearts and helps us to face the challenges each day brings. In the darkened bedroom, I reach out to touch her hand and as I do her fingers wrap themselves around mine and once more we are one flesh, one body. 

 Hope, love, these are not quantifiable commodities, they cannot be bought or sold on any market. They are mysteries which we enter into, not knowing where they will lead us in our journey. Maybe it would be nice if there were one of those ancient shops, run by some old, hook nosed crone who with a few choice mixes could give us what we desire, make someone fall in love with us, give us strength or good looks. Then again would that really bring true happiness? 

 At the end of the day, when I take inventory of the moments and reflect on what I have been given, all I can do is give thanks. 


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