Faerie Garden

“Come on, Grandpa. I’ve got something to show you,” as my youngest granddaughter grabbed my hand and led me into the backyard. Her bright blues eyes shining and full of mischief as only a three year old can get away with, her face in a huge grin as she guided me into the corner of the yard. There it was, enclosed in a wooden barrier, carefully crafted was that special garden. “Is this your Faerie Garden?” I asked. Looking up she just nodded her head while gazing down at this little fantasy world complete with colorful mushrooms and even a small gazebo. It was all carefully laid out and the grounds were being kept free of weeds and other nasty things, that can only be found in backyards.

“Have any faeries moved in yet,” I asked, she just looked up and said “no, not yet.” Yet I could see that longing in her eyes, that child’s wish to see these magical creatures, to have them living and flying around in this special place. “Well’, I said, “maybe this evening when the light is just beginning to go away and nighttime is almost here, maybe then we might just see some faeries.” Her little face lit up, anticipation of possibly seeing faeries that evening was testing her sense of patience, that kind of patience we all know and remember when we were children waiting for Christmas. 

That evening, sitting out on the deck, as the sun began to slowly descend towards the horizon and that kind of dull, gray before the deep dark of night sets in, she gazed intently at her little garden in the corner of the yard. Maybe tonight she would get to see some faeries, maybe they are now lurking in the deeper shadows, eyeing this new garden, waiting for their chance to explore it and make it their new home. As we looked into the yard we saw a slight twinkle, “could that be a faerie?” I asked. Here eyes opened wide, as she intently looked down into the yard, soon there was another twinkle and finally several more. She looked up at me whispering, “Grandpa, look,” pointing out into the darkening yard. “Maybe they are coming,” I said, “but faeries are careful, they might just linger and watch right now and in the morning they will go back into the deep woods, where they live.” 

She just smiled at me and said, “they’ll be back.” With that she ran back into the house, after all it was time to get ready for bed. As we walked back into the house, I gazed back into the little garden, was that a faerie? No, couldn’t be, could it?    

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