The Cell Phone

They seem to be everywhere, on trains, planes and automobiles, as well as sidewalks, stores and everywhere else. A few years ago you would have never seen one much less have owned one, but now it seems that everyone has one and they are constantly using them. I am speaking of cell phones, those small objects that can keep us connected and yet can also separate us.

Sitting anywhere, in a train station, at the airport, even just enjoying a cup of coffee I see people walking by with their cell phone either glued to their ear or busily typing away a text message. What’s even more disturbing is when they are talking away as if they were at home. I mean really, does everyone around you need to know how your date went last night or the fight you had with your spouse? The fact that you had a doctor’s appointment and you now need that procedure to fix the issue, really is that what we all need to hear and be privy to?

Now, I’m not saying that cell phones are a bad thing, in fact these phones are just inanimate objects they are neither good or bad. Like everything else we moderns have it’s how we use them in our lives. With today’s smart phones and the high-speed networks, not only can we connect with family and friends we can also google to our hearts content. Sit on a bus and look up the latest news, find out what Gisele and Tom are up to, even pass along the latest liberal or conservative rant on our Facebook page. Texting has also become the popular thing, thumbs flashing along the tiny keyboards, then the vacant stare as they await an answer. The possibilities are endless.

As I sit and watch folks go by, cell phone in hand, texting, scrolling, getting directions and even talking, they are seldom aware of their surroundings. A young man steps off the sidewalk, a woman bumps into the street trash can and another person trips on a step. They are oblivious to what is going on around them by using a device that was meant to keep us connected. In fact  it seems we are more and more isolated from each other. Our private, little world is contained on our cell phone. We are no longer need to engage with each other, be polite in our interactions or, God forbid, even have to speak to one another. Our cell phones, our smart phones, are all we need, as long as we have a good signal. It’s almost funny to watch someone whose cell has lost it’s connection, they walk around with that lost look, holding the phone in the air as if they could capture the signal and get back to what they were doing.

Cell phones, a blessing or a curse? Anyway you look at it they are here to stay with the various competing manufacturer’s all saying that theirs is the fastest, best and has the most apps, we are in for an interesting future. Please, just pay attention to what is happening around you, really life is brilliant and more fun when you engage with what is going on rather than the mind numbing life on the cell phone.


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