Little Coffee Shop

It’s just a little coffee shop across the street, its no Starbucks, but they make some of the best muffins and pastry besides serving really good coffee. They are my morning fix, each day I grab my cup, head on over, get it filled and once in awhile I might even be tempted to get a blueberry muffin, especially one still warm and oozing with fresh blueberries. The baristas are a group of young folks who, like the patrons of Cheer’s, know your name and call it out when you open the door. 

Sydney and Hannah are two young women, I would never call them girls, who are always bright, cheerful and willing to talk. Even when the shop is humming and that happens early as folks make their way to the commuter train and need that latte or specialty drink to start the day, these two are always cheerfully interacting with the customer’s. Definitely not a place where they are going to write something on your cup to start a discussion but they will take time to talk on any subject. Now, thats not to say they are always bright and perky, after all they are young, a late night before, a pain in the butt boyfriend or some other issue can put a damper on their usual charm. Yet, most often they are both vivacious and engaging, quick with a smile and you might even catch Hannah singing along to the radio, and yes, she does have a wonderful voice. It’s my little go to spot, an oasis in the midst of my morning that brightens even my most difficult days. To say it has changed my life, well, that’s a bit of a stretch but with Sydney and Hannah dispensing coffee, great food, bright conversation and the occasional song, it is a piece of heaven for the weary and caffeine deprived.


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