Free write on Music

Music is a huge part of my life, not that I can sing or play an instrument, but as far back as I can remember there was always music. As babies and toddlers my mother would quietly sing hymns as she rocked me and my siblings to sleep, when I was a youngster she and I would watch Sing Along with Mitch and we would do just that, sing along. I remember belting out the Micky Mouse Club theme, M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E. As I grew older I, like many of my generation, got caught up the the so-called British Invasion, the Beatles, Dave Clark Five and even those bad boys of rock, the Rolling Stones. Then came the mid to late sixties where we listened to groups like Cream, The Who, and The Byrds, we’d come rushing home to watch Dick Clark’s American Bandstand, The Monkee’s or Paul Revere and the Raiders. Boomers like myself were formed by our music, it had such an impact as it spoke to a generation trying to find itself in a world that was and still is changing. As I enter my sixth decade I may no longer listen to the hard rock of Deep Purple, Black Sabbath or Mountain but thats not to say that I don’t occasionally sit back I crank up a little “Smoke on the Water” or even “Nantucket Sleighride. To try and pick just three songs is like denying that I love all of my children for each song from a multitude of artists from Motown to Springsteen to a new generation of musicians like Mumford and Sons all have their own special meaning. Three songs, huh, more like three hundred songs all which have influenced my life, given me great joy and in fact have given me some great quotes for my sermons.  


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