Here I am trying to write just what’s on my mind and not think about it, a stream of consciousness is what they call this. What I see in front of me is a blank screen, which really isn’t all that bad afterall most artists face a blank canvas or hunk of wood, stone or metal before they begin their work. Sometimes a masterpiece is created at other times the work may end up in the trash, but it still is something. What I find hard to somthing like this is within me, I have that nasty little voice that just won’t shut up as I try to write. It’s always telling me that I am wasting my time and effort, who wants to read what you write anyway? Yet here I am takling that risk, writing what is on my mind and in a few moments sending it out into the blogger world to see if it makes any sense at all. Sure, I’ve tried to blog before and now I am using this blogging 101 to sort of keep me writing, a kind of accountability piece that I think most writers, especially beginners like myself need. Really, is it all that hard? Well, the answer is yes, it is hard. These are my thoughts, my dreams, my everything that I am putting out there for all to read and critique. I’m not the greatest critic myself, heck when I read someone elses post I see only genius compared to my meger offering. It’s not like I haven’t written before, part of what I do requires me to write but now I am taking a step into a realm I don’t know much about and I see before me road covered in deep shadows. In stepping out onto this road I am doing so without any GPS or even a decent road map, all I can do is trust this to instinct and hopefully, with patientence and guidance I will come out on the other end somewhat intact. Now all I have to do is figure out how to post this, get the proper Tag and let the chips fall where they may. Hey, it’s only a stream, not a raging river so I will go down this gently rolling bady of thought and see where it takes me. 


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