Love or what your brain says.

Watching GMA there was a report that by using an MRI it is possible to determine if a person is in love or not. The MRI of a brain in love lights up in the so-called pleasure centers and this can be seen in the scans. Isn’t that great! Now all I need is to install a mini MRI here in my office. What a boon to marital counseling, just scan and see if these two are actually in love. No more guess work, no more awkward conversations about family systems and sexuality, just look at the brain scan and if it is glowing happily then they are all set to go. Of course, the next question would be are they in love with each other or that bag of M&M’s sitting on my desk, or are they thinking of something or someone else, which, most couples seem to do when they have to spend that required time talking to me about marriage. It’s probably a good thing that I don’t do many marriages, a sign of our times when many folks just decide to live together before making the full legal and spiritual committment of being married. Pre-nups, post-nups, just in general sign this kind of nup, brain scans or not we still try to cover our collective butts from the uncertainties of the future. Love is such a fickle emotion, it can warm the heart in one moment and break it in the next. Of course, scientifically, the heart is nothing more than a muscle whose purpose is to pump blood. It does not feel emotion, it does not control our desires all the heart does is pump blood as efficiently as possible so that we can live. Yet, why is it then when we feel that deeply emotional connection it seems to radiate out of our core being? Some wonder if we have a soul, all I can say is just fall in love, have your heart, yes I do mean your heart, filled brimful with that emotion and then lose it and feel the brokeness within. No MRI, no scientific research, no great philosophers musings, or deeply theological insights can fully understand what love does to us both collectively and individually. Love is a great mystery, a heart felt emotion that speaks to the depths of our being and breathes life into the soul. Author, Neil Gaiman writes; “Have you ever been in love? Horrible isn’t it? It makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens up your heart and it means that someone can get inside you and mess you up.” Yes, that is true but it also means that someone can get inside of you and make you whole. 


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