This past week.

As Jane and I prepare to head down to NYC this Thursday so that I can attend a Gotham Writers Workshop, thought I would give a brief update on what we have been up to this past week. Last Wednesday I went up to Maine to visit my mom who has been going through all of her photos and other memorabilia. What was really nice is that my mother, who will be 92 in a couple of weeks, has such a good memory and so she could fill me in on who was who and also passed along a few precious nuggets of information about some the personalities. As I look to writing my own memoir, it is nice to make these connections, after all none of us are created in a vacuum or in total isolation. For better or worse we carry within us all of the emotional stuff that has been passed down from one generation to another just like we pass down our collective DNA. It is fascinating to see the many threads in our own life and even though we may never have known any of these past relatives we still carry their threads along with our own as we journey through life.
On Saturday I took part in the North Shore Cyclists Blazing Saddles Century, a 100 mile ride that took us along some of the nicest parts of the North Shore and Southern New Hampshire. I was able to complete the century in less than six hours, not too bad for a man of my age. It was fun to latch on to a couple of pace-lines and be able to draft doing speeds up to 20+ MPH. When I finally got home I was a bit tired but other than that not feeling all that bad, in fact my daughter-in-law, Barbie, challenged us to do the ALS ice bucket that has been the rage on the social networks. So I took on the challenge and dumped a bucket of ice water over myself, challenging the vestry of Trinity to do the same.
On Sunday, Jane and I then went over to Grace in Medford for worship. It’s always fun to go and see what is going on at another parish. For a 9:00 am service there were plenty of families and youngsters all taking part in the service. A trio of young ladies sang at the offertory, an uplifting, camp kind of song and inviting the congregation to join them. The rector, Noah Evans, also introduced their new assistant rector and a new intern from the Life Together program, so it looks like things there are going very well.
Well, that was last week. Thursday we head off on the Acela to NYC, this should be fun.

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